Today’s Public Service Message

4 03 2008

Okay people.  After today’s ride through Pinellas County, I feel I need to announce yet another public service announcement.

STOP DRIVING SO FAST IN THE RAIN!  Especially if you live in Florida, where we don’t get that much rain throughout the year.  The oils from cars and trucks build up on the surface of the road, then with the first rain, the first twenty minutes or so can be deadly.  That’s when all those oils start to wash off, causing massive incidents of hydroplaning and stupidity.  Slow down and leave even more room that you normally would between you and other cars.  Be courteous, and pay close attention.  This is the time to stay off the cell phones, stop applying the makeup or shaving, and otherwise just paying attention to the way you drive.  All it takes is for one person to attempt to stop quickly, only to hydroplane through an intersection.

I saw several examples today driving home from work.  Not pretty sights.  Especially with some of these cheaply made cars.  I see some of these cars made out of plastic with virtually no steel, and they’re crushed like bugs in a simple fender bender.  Example – I saw a brand-new Mustang pull off the lot, follow a beautiful Nissan Sentra too closely, and then when the Sentra stopped suddenly (at a whopping 5 miles an hour….) the Mustang couldn’t, and proceeded to hit the Sentra.  Hmmm.  The entire front end of the Mustang smushed, the airbag deployed, and the driver ended up with a bloody nose.  The Sentra?  Just needs a bit of new paint where the front vanity plate scratched it.  Hmmm.  Let’s think about this.

Slow down people!  Especially in inclement weather!

19 12 2007

Just a quick note – I’ve submitted a story about my ex to (for those of you who don’t know anything about it, you MUST go read some entries there).  So go check it out, it’s about my ex and his girlfriend’s size 18 dresses….