The New Snow Leopard

28 08 2009

I’m really excited that my MacBook Pro will be getting an OS upgrade. Snow Leopard is on it’s way! As I was trying to order the $29 upgrade from the Apple store, I saw the tagline for the box set that has the OS, iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 for $169. So I thought that I would go ahead and upgrade it all. Makes sense right? Spend $169 now or spend close to $500 later. Hmmmm. In this economy, let me think about this for a minute.

So as I was trying to order the Box set, I checked out MacMall on pricing. Good thing I did. I just got the Box set for $149 plus $3 shipping. Better than the Apple store. Whoo Hoo! Apple would have cost me $169 + $12 in tax (free shipping). Hmmmm. Let me think about that again.

Shop around folks. You never know what deals you’ll find, especially with this economy. Every penny saved can add up quick!

Presidents and Stimulus Packages

28 03 2009

Did you realize that President Obama probably signed his stimulus package at the same desk where President Clinton got his package stimulated?