11 09 2009

Today, 8 years ago – a day which will live in infamy….

September 11, 2001.

Never Forget.  Never Forgive.

I am a major proponent for forgiveness, especially when I see people that are sincerely sorry for their actions.  But what happened 8 years ago should NEVER be forgiven or forgotten.

Thank you to all those that were involved in the rescue efforts, both during and after this tragedy, and to those that are helping to keep our country free!  My family and I keep you in our thoughts always!  And a sincere love to all those that lost family, friends and co-workers on that fateful day.  Our hearts go out to you.

The New Prez Ride

7 01 2009

Okay, had to share this one… Photos of the new Presidential ride are officially ‘out’. I’ve taken this article directly from AOL, so if you want to see the photos, you’ll need to go here.


Photos of New Presidential Limo Leaked
By Mike M. Ahlers and Eric Marrapodi
Copied from CNN

WASHINGTON (Jan. 6) – As a candidate, Barack Obama promoted hybrid cars. As president, he’ll be handed the keys to one. Sort of. Shortly after taking the oath of office, Obama will climb into the Mother of All Hybrids — part car, part truck and, from the looks of it, part tank.

In keeping with recent tradition, the Secret Service will place a brand-new presidential limousine into service January 20 to drive the new president on the 2-mile jaunt down Pennsylvania Avenue during the inaugural parade.

Already, spy photos of the limo — with patches of gray primer — have leaked out. And already, the reviews:

“Ugly as sin,” says one car enthusiast on an auto Web site. “Can’t we make a hotter ride for our prez?”

“Sheesh,” says another, “why don’t they just transport the president around in an Abrams tank.”

One news agency, noting its 8-inch-thick doors, says the limo can withstand a “direct hit from an asteroid.” But GM spokeswoman Joanne K. Krell laughed off the comments. “And it will fix you a latte if you ask,” she jokes. In truth, the new presidential limo is a Cadillac, Krell said, although it is “not a direct extension of any single model.”

“The presidential vehicle is built to precise and special specifications, undergoes extreme testing and development, and also incorporates many of the top aspects of Cadillac’s ‘regular’ cars — such as signature design, hand-cut-and-sewn interiors, etc.,” Krell told CNN.

“Cadillac is honored to serve and renew this great tradition,” she said. “And it is entirely appropriate that an American president has at his service a great American vehicle.”

For much of the country’s history, the Secret Service didn’t even drive the president, evidently oblivious to the dangers of asteroids.

In the post-Lincoln horse-and-buggy era, it was customary for a security detail to closely trail the president, according to a Secret Service history.

Guns and the Presidential Candidates – Scary!

12 10 2008

Okay, now I’m not one to completely promote guns.  I was raised around them, know how to use them, clean them and how to keep them locked up away from kids.  I don’t own one – yet.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on our two Presidential candidates.  And I’m not liking what I’m seeing.

It’s obvious that McCain is for the Second Amendment.  No real surprise there.  And no surprise that he wants to keep certain bans and restrictions in regards to assault weapons.  Lovely.  No problem there.

What I DO have a problem with, however, is Obama’s views and actions.  He’s all for banning guns at all.  Even in your own home.  Sorry – but I have a real problem with that.  A man’s castle is his home and should therefore be allowed to keep guns.  Preferably locked up, but again, that’s a personal choice.  What’s next?  Not being allowed to walk naked around your home?  Give me a break!

Yes, I do believe in restrictions in the sales of guns, such as background checks and no sales to felons that have used guns in crimes, but this country was started with guns, and I think that’s just going to be a part of  our way of life.

A friend has this saying on his RV:  When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns….

Rotary Phones

10 10 2008

You know, I miss the old rotary phones.  They were absolutely wonderful!  You didn’t have to deal with any of this “Press 1 for English” Shit!   🙂

An Exciting Saturday….

18 05 2008

Well. Not a Saturday goes by when I wish for a bit of excitement. Okay, so my life is boring. I’m usually at home Saturday nights, catching up on my paperwork and reading, but last night I finally had some excitement.

I went to a client’s house during the day, and worked for about 7 hours, and then on my way home, I called my roommates to let them know that I was on my way home and see if there was anything that needed to be picked up for dinner. Instead, I got the response that he was hurt. Hmmm.

Turns out, he decided to do some yardwork. Okay, no problem there. But then he decided to use the chainsaw. By himself. On a ladder. Turned 90 degrees. Need I say more???

Let’s just say he was extremely lucky. The chainsaw bucked back towards him, and managed to catch his cheek with the blades. He’s okay, but he needed 4 stitches. It could have been much, much worse. I took him to the hospital, and about 3 1/2 hours later we were able to leave. The hospital staff at Morton Plant were absolutely wonderful.

Not exactly the way I want to spend my Saturday night. Needless to say, I went to bed just after we got home. Hospitals and I don’t mix too well. I haven’t exactly had many good memories of them, and every time I go back to one, the memories come flooding back. But… he is my best friend, so I went.

Let’s just say that I’m taking the day to rest up and get rid of this headache….


13 05 2008

Normally I wouldn’t post political comments here, but….

A friend sent me this quote:

“My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of
the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”
Barack Obama
Interesting, no?  Sort of like attempting to ignore the fact that you grew up with a racist for a mentor and then attempting to discredit their influence on you……

Oh, the wonderful Web!

31 03 2008

So I’ve been hired by a company to make their web site – right? Good money and it’s just about finished. I just need to do some tweaks and upload it to the site. Now, before the site is completely active, I thought I’d do a test run and upload it, and test it out on several browsers on several different computers running different OS’s.

Well, I must be doing it wrong because I can’t see a darn thing. More headaches. This is why I didn’t become a programmer.

So what does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing! Just another Useless Tidbit. Oh – and I’ll be offline for a day or two while I get this headache fixed.