North Tampa Photo

13 08 2009

I had a rather interesting day today, as I discovered a ‘new’ photo supply store in Tampa.  Okay, so they’ve been around for more than 30 years, but new to me.  Their website isn’t anything exciting, just a few basic pages, but the customer service INSIDE the store couldn’t be beat!  Friendly people that had no problems with me just asking questions.  Very informative people that really know their stuff.  Unlike a certain big box store that’s in Countryside Mall that I go to when I need the occasional lens wiping cloth…..  (Do I really need to say who it is?)

Great selection there, friendly people, and if you don’t see it, they can order it.  And the prices are pretty reasonable.  I’m sure you could find the same products online for cheaper, but you definitely won’t get the service that goes with it!

Go check them out for yourself!   1020 West Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33612  813-935-9339

North Tampa Photo




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