And Finally….

23 04 2008

Now that tax season is over, I’m finally beginning to catch up on my rest….  Sort of.  Now it’s finish the returns that had to go extension, plus run a household, and try to finish many of my personal projects.  What sort of projects?  Oh, something like this:

* Model project – photographing local models, allowing them to add photos to their portfolio and mine

* Yard clean up – ummm.  self explanatory….

* Stock photography project – adding more photos to my stock photography collection for sale online…

* VACATION!!!  I seriously need one…  First, the cruise to the Caribbean, then off to Arizona in July.

* Design portfolio – I’m creating letterhead/logos, etc. for my portfolio.  I’ve been doing graphic design for 10 years now, but most of my portfolio I cannot display due to contracts I had to sign.  What can I say?  I was young and stupid…

* Projects with the kids.  Loads of things there.  I’m going to take them camping again sometime this summer, this time for a longer trip (than overnight), and we’re going to do it on bikes.  Nothing too fancy, maybe just two nights, close to home.  But it’ll be a fun project.

* Origami projects – both of the kids are seriously into origami right now, so we’ll take some time to practice

And some other wonderful projects that I’m sure will pop up here and there.  And of course there’s always the never-ending editing of photos and the corresponding displays…

So off I go, to conquer and have fun!!!




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