So the Do-Not-Call list does-not-work….

26 03 2008

Okay.  I have my phone numbers registered with the State of Florida’s Do Not Call list.  For those of you who may not know what that is, for a very small fee every year ($5), and for each number registered, it’s supposed to keep these pesky telemarketers from calling your phone.  Does it work?  Hmm.  Hard to say.  I get so many calls here on a regular basis anyway, between my business and the accountant I share my office with (and believe me, he gets a LOT of calls….), it’s truly hard to see if it’s working.  We haven’t gotten many automated calls so far this year.  You know, those really annoying calls where it’s just a recording, not even a real person to yell at…

That’s probably the worst thing about telemarketers.  If it’s a real person that calls, and manages to pronounce my name correctly, I try to be nice about it.  After all, they’re just trying to do their job!  But woe to the heavily-accent-laden telemarketer that mispronounces my name and then refuses to get off the phone!  Those are the ones that I like to have a little bit of fun with.

One of my favorites is when someone calling from India picks up after a slight delay (a dead giveaway it’s a solicitation call!), then mispronounces my name.  Then they try to sell me some piece of junk product that I have absolutely no use for whatsoever.  So then, I usually ask how it will be shipped, to which they answer by parcel post.  I then usually wait a minute before replying, “But I want it tomorrow.  Can’t you deliver it?”  Then the banter begins, and it usually ends with them hanging up the phone.

I haven’t lost a banter yet….




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31 03 2008

So, the Do-not-call list might be just another way for telemarketers to get your phone number….

And the worst part about it – these telemarketers that call you on your cell phone use up minutes!

8 04 2008
francine fishpaw

@ Sharon: Exactly. I joined the Do Not Call registry 3 months ago, and went from receiving one marketing call a month to at least one a day.

The Do Not Call registry does work though – in reverse!

15 07 2008

When the do not call first came out it really worked. Since then I noticed I get more and more calls from solicitors. Did you ever try to turn in a solicitor with the do not call registry? Well they have made it so hard that it’s like who’s guilty the victim or the criminal.

I think solicitors everywhere have figured it out and know the chance of being turned in because of the lenghty process is next to nil…Therefore they are all calling again and don’t give a s….t!!!!

I’m sick beng a victim of solicitors and yes I check the do not call registry regularily and re submit my number.

Solicitors s…..k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 05 2011

AMEN….. I’ve filed numerous complaints through the no-call system…..AND GET NOTHING, not even a response!!! I’ve recieved more stupid calls then i ever did before registering, so my opinion of the no-call list is that its a crock of crap!!! I’ve even recieved calls in the wee hours of the morning while still sleeping!!!! and most identify themselves as “out of area” or “private caller”…..if you even answer, all you hear is mechanized sounds……never a human!!!

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