An Awesome Weekend!

10 03 2008

Okay, let me lead off by saying what a great weekend it was! Something that I’ve needed for some time. Being a single parent, there isn’t a lot of time that I get to myself. And this weekend was no exception. I spent a lot of time doing things that needed to be done, like filing, and tax work, but I got to do something special on Saturday night. A friend of mine bought tickets to see Jersey Boys at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, and gave one to me for a holiday present. So, the five of us took off for TPAC (as it’s known around here) Saturday night for an incredible story about the Four Seasons. We’re all fans, so it was a lot of fun. What a story!

Not to mention the lights, the set, the way the actors completely entranced the crowd…. What a show! After the show and the curtain calls, the cast asked everyone to sit back down, and they asked everyone to donate to Broadway Cares, a non-profit started and run by Broadway Actors to benefit many different organizations. They were doing backstage tours, signed playbills, signed posters, and more to raise money. From what I could see, they must have raised a lot. I saw lots of 10’s and 20’s in the buckets they were holding on to. Nice to see that the musical crowd still has a heart, unlike what I see at the sports events. If the Lightning stood up on the ice after the game and asked the same questions, I’m positive that the crowd would walk away laughing…

Tickets for both events, sports and musical, cost about the same, but the attitudes are completely different. Cultural people don’t complain as much as sports people. Of course, performers don’t get annual contracts for $15 million just to play some dumb sport. It takes far more smarts to get up on stage and perform versus playing football. Now the coaches, fine. They deserve more as they have to plan logistics, etc. But I haven’t seen a sports player YET that is worth $15 million.

Get out there and support your local orchestras, playwrights, theatres, and actors. There’s far more entertainment there than at some sports event.




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