Today’s Tidbit of Completely Useless Information!

3 03 2008

Okay, today’s Tidbit of Completely Useless Information! Everyone knows that the ostrich buries it’s head in the sand when it senses danger, right? After all, they have a brain the size of a walnut. Seriously. Their eyes are bigger than their brains (sort of like my ex…) So they naturally just shove those walnut-sized brains into the sand whenever an enemy approaches, like a Kindergartner trying to escape his teacher.  [You can’t see me….You can’t see me….]

Sorry folks, you just lost the Daily Double.

The ostrich does no such thing. It runs away like any sensible animal (again, like my ex….) when it senses danger. This old myth was probably propagated by explorers who observed the animals whilst they were prone in the sand, as they have a tendency to build their nests slightly in the ground so that they can cover them completely with their bodies and have the appearance of lying flat on the ground. These unusual creatures then stick their necks out, flat on the ground, to keep an eye out for danger. When these flightless birds see another animal approach, they run at top speed, leading the predator away. These birds can reach speeds of up to approximately 30 mph, and can keep those speeds for about 30 minutes.

I will say this about these extremely small non-brainiacs. If you manage to tick one of them off, they peck at you worse than a duck to a 3-year old with a cookie in hand. [Don’t ask. Really long story there and I don’t relish the memory. That damned duck got my chocolate chip cookie. It’s just not fair….] 😉

To read more about these wonderful, flightless birds, go to your local library and pick up a book! [okay, can anyone see my promoting libraries here???? Someone should have caught the hint by now…..]




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24 03 2008

thanks much, bro

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