President #22 & 24

14 02 2008

A new surprise. You may not remember that we had one gentleman that served two terms as President – but not consecutively! That’s right, Mr. Stephen Grover Cleveland, President #22 & 24. Although he was a Democrat, many say that he could truly reach across the aisle, to just about all parties involved. Some of his facts include:

1. He greatly favored the Gold Standard, and believed that America should be able to back up any paper currency with gold.

2. He refused to oust any ‘hard-working Republicans’ just because of the old Spoils System (I think this is still used today…). For those of you who do not know about this, the Spoils System was a loosely termed action of firing government employees for their party affiliation. Cleveland believed that if you served America in your job well, then you should be able to work for the government, no matter who was in office.

3. Cleveland and his Secretary of the Navy, William C. Whitney, did a great job of reforming the Naval branch of the military, including those pesky contractors that were building our ships with cheaper material and charging a premium.

4. Cleveland also gained back approximately 81 million acres of government land that had been leased to the railroads, also by corrupt contracts, similar to the Naval contracts.

5. He is one of one a few Presidents to marry while in office, and the only one to have actually gotten married in the White House.

6. His wife, Frances, is the youngest First Lady on Record at age 21.

7. His VP – Thomas Hendricks, filled the VP office during Cleveland’s first term, but died only a few months after Cleveland took office.

8. His 2nd VP – Adlai Stevenson, served as VP during Cleveland’s second term, and lasted the entire 4 years.

9. The typewriter was invented during his second term.

10. In 1893, Cleveland was diagnosed with a form of mouth cancer – his doctors eventually operated to remove the small tumor.

President #22 & 24 - Grover Cleveland

So there you go. Some more useless facts about another of our Presidents.




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