Last Minute Ideas….

13 02 2008

If anyone out there is looking for last minute Valentine’s gifts, here are a couple of ideas. They’re easy to do, easy on the wallet (especially with what’s happening in the market), and mean more than some stupid box of candy.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never turn down chocolate…BUT… there are some other things that I personally value more…)

1. Make it a ‘date night’ with your S. O. (significant other… or in some cases, just ‘other’). Stay at home, snuggle up and watch a movie that they like, and that you won’t mind sitting through without complaining or in some cases, MST3K’ing the whole thing. Pop some popcorn, grab a soda/candy/steaks and have a nice quiet evening.

2. Fix dinner at home. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Light some candles, turn on the stereo nice and light, and actually have a conversation with someone instead of watching tv on the tray tables.

3. If you’re going to get flowers, look for some in your backyard, or the vacant lot down the street. Handpicked flowers mean so much more than indulging the retailers and their 60% markup on flowers.

4. Skip the flowers. Too many people are allergic anyways…. Try a nice bottle (not the cheapest in the store) of wine that your S.O. likes.

5. Even better, share it with them, even if it’s not your favorite kind.

6. If they like beer, give them a gift that will last the whole year. Beer of the Month. Look it up on the ‘Net. Loads of companies are offering it.

7. If they like fruit, there’s a Fruit of the Month as well. Also, Wine of the Month, Steak of the Month, Stripper of the Month, etc.

8. If you’re going to give a card, be sure to write something in it. Even if it’s as simple as: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Today is Valentine’s Day, and I Love You! The whole handwritten thing is important. Means you took the time to show you actually care, instead of just signing your name.

9. If the weather is good, try a homemade picnic with simple sandwiches and take your S.O. to the park, beach, etc. at sunset. Don’t forget the side of conversation!

10. Do a few things that your S.O. may have been bugging/pestering/nagging about (without complaining!). Or do something that you know they want done, but haven’t asked. Little surprises like that can really mean something. And I’m not talking about giving the dog a bath when it’s your S.O. that usually does it. Something a little bigger than that, like vacuuming or mopping, cleaning the bathroom, wash a car, trim the hedges, etc. I’m sure you can think of something….

Just a couple of quick ideas, and no, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make them happen. Remember, something from the heart is always more favorable than something impersonally bought. (unless that person is some sort of high-maintenance gold-digger) You don’t HAVE to go out to dinner, you don’t HAVE to buy jewelry and expensive flowers. You can make a difference just by starting at home.




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