Speeding tickts and other comments….

30 01 2008

Okay, so I had a friend post an interesting thought on his blog. You can check it out here…. Digital RV

It’s about the second speeding ticket he’s received in more than a decade. So now you’re thinking – so what? Everyone gets speeding tickets. Well, apparently not. I have only gotten one ticket in my entire driving lifetime. So, there must be more like me out there. And apparently, other drivers like myself are getting the short end of the stick, just like my friend Rich.
No, what makes me mad about speeding tickets is about the way that they’re obtained. Of course, some people deserve them because they thumb their noses at the law enforcement and intentionally speed everywhere. (see my comment below) The officers are coming up with “creative” ways to catch speeders, even if they’re only going 1 MPH over the limit. Sorry, but the last time I checked, it’s virtually impossible to keep the speedometer needle right on the numbers. And that’s not taking into account the slight variation in the actual speed coming from so many factors, including reaction from the acceleration pump and gravity (like going down a slight hill).

There is a very diverse group of drivers around here. We have the snowbirds from Canada that like to turn left from the right-hand lane, we have the newbie drivers that think cars are meant for racing, not transportation, then there are the elderly drivers that can’t see over the wheel and drive 20 MPH UNDER the limit! Oh – don’t let me forget. The blondes that talk on the cell phone while applying makeup in a SUV that they can’t drive. There are very few drivers around here that drive like they should. I hear about complaints from people that think we should get rid of the driving test and just let people drive! HELLO?!?!?! I’m a fan of increasing the frequency of driving tests, and limiting the expiration dates to 4 years. I personally think that everyone should have to re-take the driving test every time they renew their licenses. I’m also a fan of not allowing high schoolers to drive, especially on field trips or other school functions. Kids should be allowed to get a permit at 14 (it’s 15 here in Florida), but have loads of restrictions, that gradually lighten up every year. Then at 18 you can get a real, fully functional license.

Of course, you don’t want to get me started on the officers and tickets around here. These cities around the country are beginning to get out of hand. There are several places here in Pinellas County that are doing the same trick. One sign for a 4-lane road (two lanes each way with no median strip) and then nothing for another two miles. Not fair to the drivers. They should be promoting safety over revenue. Personally, Iā€™m getting sick of how much time these officers spend on speed traps instead of looking for drivers that are actually speeding. Just yesterday I had someone on a crotch rocket fly past me on a highway. I was going 70 (speed limit) and he passed me like I was standing still (or going backwards, take your pick). Petition anyone?




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27 02 2008

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2 03 2008

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