Stock Photography

19 01 2008

As a graphic designer, I often am in need of good pictures for layouts and marketing materials that I’m designing. I’ve used lots of stock photography websites like Comstock, but they are REALLY expensive. And of course, I have to build that cost into my design, unless I buy a package from them that has thousands of photos and clip art that I can’t use.

Well, recently my good friend Rich told me about this site called Dreamstime. It’s where users like you and me can purchase cheap, but good resolution photos, designs and clip art. I’ve always been into photography, and if you have a good digital camera, you can even sell your photos on their site as well. Not everyone is good enough to get images accepted by Comstock (those snooty people), and Dreamstime is a little better. Your shots don’t have to absolutely perfect according to a 12-point composition scale, but Dreamstime does have a review process. Mostly to screen out the really bad photos.

So far I’ve only submitted one photo, and it was accepted for purchase. You can click here ( to see my personal images. I have more in the review process now, and should have the answer in a couple of days. If you decide to join Dreamstime, be sure to tell them that you heard it from me, Infinity Graphics. Yes, I get a referral bonus and credit for the referral. Hey, every little bit of credit helps. 🙂




2 responses

23 01 2008

Hey, how come you didn’t show up as a referral from me??? 🙂

24 01 2008

I did! I promise! There was this wonderful little section where you could input the person’s name whom referred you… So… I put hot, sexy, spoinky haired guy! 😉

Okay, not really. But I did put your name in…. I remember, because I spent about a half hour searching for you online in their database first! I wanted to be sure that I got the correct spelling (how they have it in their database) and that I wasn’t giving credit to the wrong Gadget.

Speaking of problems, when are we going to get a new podcast with more of you in shorts?

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