4 01 2008


Okay, I know that seems pretty mean, but when you’re hosting family for 3 weeks, it’s nice to be rid of them.  My mother always taught me to be the ultimate hostess, howeer, being the world’s greatest hostess gets really tough after a week or so.  After all, there’s only so much that you can do to entertain your guests.  Knowing that they were going to be here for 3 weeks, I told myself that I was going to have to pace it.  A little there, a little here, and as always, leaving out the board games for anyone to play at anytime.  Usually we can get a game going of something amidst all the cooking (and cleaning….)  12 people in one house leaves something to be desired…. like a maid!  It’s hard enough picking up after my own boys on a regular basis with all that we have to do, but adding more people to the house (and those people that have NO CLUE how to pick up after themselves…) just adds more insanity and chaos.

Here’s a small sample of what I’ve been going through.  Two people come in Dec. 19th.  Still here, but they don’t spend much time at the house.  Three more people came in Xmas Day, around noon, and it’s them that I’ve had to keep picking up after.  Two women and a baby.  Hmmm.  Think about that there.  These are two women that had a baby 9 months ago.  They’re over-obsessed with neatness at their house.  Only Organic foods (ALL THE TIME), no plastic toys for the baby, no painted wooden toys for the baby, and he’s practically never put down.  Always in the arms of one of the mommies.  One little cry and they’re both just jumping up to get him.  Talk about whipped.  One of them works in a lab, so go figure that she would always be careful about germs.  That’s a given.  But they’re both obsessed with germs.  And I thought I was bad being a Jewish Mother.  These two take the cake.  They don’t use anything but paper towels to clean up a spill, and then they’re washing their hands for the next 20 minutes.  But it’s okay by them that the now sick-laden baby (from the flight) can drool over everything and them not clean it up.  Or that putting wet towels in the clothes hamper is okay since they’re all going to be washed.  Eeewww. Gross.  Anyone who has ever washed towels know how bacteria laden they can be when left wet to rot in a hamper with other clothes, not only causing nasty smells, but ruining the clothes as well.

Overreacting, am I?  Not so.  These are also the same 5 people that leave their clothes all over the floor in their rooms to trip on, then complain about it.  They use the washing machine to wash clothes, then leave them partially wet in the dryer overnight, then complain about the smell.  Eeewww.  Gross.  Sound familiar?  They also left out pots and pans (without washing, of course) after they used them for themselves or the baby, then proceeded to leave them on the stove, then complain when there weren’t any pots to cook the nightly dinner in.  Oh, and yes, the moms of the baby went out and bought all new food for him at some health store that claimed to be ‘organic’, although I had just gone to the store the day before and bought their requested items.  Apparently, buying food from the local farmer’s market from local growers that only use compost for fertilizer isn’t considered to be ‘organic’ enough by them.  I pointed out to them after they got back the foods that they had just spent a fortune on not only cost them 4x the price, but weren’t truly organic in the first place.  The ‘brands’ that they bought are known to use pesticides and other non-organic crap on their foods, not to mention the genetic engineering that those companies support in order to proliferate crops.

Let us not mention also that they complained about every single meal I cooked.  Good, old-fashioned, good-for-you food, with minimal salts and fats, yet they were tasty, and requested meals by everyone that was going to be staying with me.  Hello?  How can you complain about a $100+ prime rib?  And yet, they did.  Apparently, they thought it was far too overcooked, despite the fact that I had called them to dinner with a 30 minute warning, 15 minute warning, 5 minute warning, and then proceeded to call them for almost 20 minutes after the meat was out of the oven.  Sorry people, but this was an absolutely PERFECT meal.  You have no right to complain.  It’s not my fault that I cooked and cleaned for 3 hours to make that meal special.  Idiots.

Okay, so this is beginning to sound like a rant.  Well, to all my friends out there, I’m sorry if I ignored you these past three weeks.  I surely did not mean to.  It’s a curse, I guess, this being programmed to be a perfect hostess.  Well, I learned my lesson this year.  No one is going to stay for more than a week, and I’m going to let everyone else cook.  I may not be able to eat much due to their inability to cook, but at least I’ll lose those 10 pounds I’ve been trying for (just kidding.)  It’s time to go now, as I need to take person #4 to the airport, so I’ll continue this post in Part II.




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5 01 2008

Well its nice to have family over for the holidays. Even if they can be a bit of a hasle. I all ways love to use this saying. you dont have to go home but you cant stay here. only I would use that saying when theres nothing else I can do to make there stay more fun you can only please them so much if they didnt like what you had to offer . Me personly I would have sent them to the holiday inn Im sure they will have all the grass,leaves,berries and watered down milk they eat. Well I have seen what its like to host christmas dinner. my wife and Icook dinner just about ever year at her moms house. Its not far to travel just through the back yard. and we are there. you know all that cooking there asking you if its done over and over. I can say this its nice to just sit down enjoy your meal together.But our holidays havnt been like they were once before my wife lost here brother in sept.of 06 he was a good guy he was only 31 dew to his diebetes. he played in a band loved life and ever thing in it. And he lived across the street from us. Well im sorry about going on with that deppessing info. Well its just nice to have family on the holidays. well got to go. have a nice day.

17 01 2008

For the first time in my life, I stayed away from my family for the holidays. It wasn’t horrible because staying with my family is the- HORRIBLE. But then it wasn’t as nice,too. Families, though horrible, seem very therapeutic. You are reminded of what you should do after.

17 01 2008

Maybe I should have someone ELSE host the family this next holiday season. I would love to go to Texas or New York or anywhere else to have the holidays for a change. Then I can be the slobberly houseguest.

Of course, it would probably end up that I would take the kids out and about for several days, and not even be there to visit… Hey! This is sounding better and better! 😉

(Either that, or I’d end up cooking every single meal, and cleaning up after everyone, as usual….)

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