Sigh… Birthday Memories….

31 12 2007

Okay, so for those of you who know me, my birthday was yesterday. Nothing like a birthday to remind you how old you are, even though you may feel 20 years older than that.

I finally got to do some things that I wanted to do yesterday. You have to understand that for approximately the past 10 years, my birthday has been completely trumped by Christmas holidays, New Year’s holidays, and things that must get done on Christmas vacation for the kids. As a kid, it was fun having my birthday inbetween Xmas and New Year’s, but as an adult, it sucks.

Every year I have spent my birthday doing things around the house that absolutely had to get done. It’s been a running joke around here for the past 5 years that on my birthday, we’re supposed to pick a new room in the house to paint…. Every year I have relatives and friends come and stay with me. Not always a bad thing, but sometimes you just need a break from all the hubbub. I haven’t left the house for the past week and a half except to go grocery shopping. (This is what happens when your mother teaches you to be a good hostess…)

So I finally escaped with the kids yesterday to the park for about two hours. We took our kites and the boys’ new remote control cars and headed to the local park that has a nice area just for that, next to the playground. Loads of fun. We would have stayed longer, but I got a phone call from the clan (several, actually) asking where this and that were, how off on temperature is the oven, etc. So I gave up and we headed back home.

I’ll say this though, nothing like having relatives here that do actually remember your birthday. Two of the presents that I received was a new flash for my Canon 20D (I needed a second one for portrait work), and the other was a new 18-200mm lens with optical stabilizer. Talk about WOW! That one I wasn’t expecting. Apparently several of them pitched in to get it since my birthday had been overlooked for the past two or three years. That’s definitely one gift I will not forget and will definitely put to good use, unlike the ‘candle-warming’ set from Avon that someone else got me…..




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