Let it snow… Oh, right – I’m in Florida

18 12 2007

‘Tis the season of happiness, joyfulness, presents, and…… flip flops! Yep – you read it right. Those tacky, inappropriate footwear that people have made fashionable simply because they’re too lazy to put on real shoes. Once proper only for the beaches, college dorm room showers, and poolside, they now have made their way into our regular wardrobe (okay – not MY wardrobe) to wear to work, to play and to “hang out” in….

Aside from all that, we finally got our ordered cold snap. Finally! The sad thing – people are STILL wearing flip flops in 50 degree weather! Let me just state that I think that is truly pathetic. Okay, Florida has this “Fountain of Youth” image from decades ago, so for some reason, people think that flip flops are appropriate anywhere. Not so people! And you people know to whom I am referring to… You wear your flip flops to the parks, the grocery stores, the malls, and even in fancy restaurants that require a tie. Then you’re surprised when your boss fires you for wearing flip flops to work, even though you’re going to change your shoes before you clock in, and even though your employee manual tells you that flip flops are not appropriate footwear, even for walking through the store! Ummm, Hello?!?! There is a reason for that, and it’s mainly because of Workman’s Compensation rates and laws. And to all of those people that hurt their feet in a retail store (i.e., a box falls on their foot), you deserve what you have coming to you, so don’t bother attempting to sue the store for your inappropriate footwear.

Recently I was at my local mall where there was a major anchor department store. I watched as an employee walked in from lunch,wearing her name tag and strappy flip flops. Please keep in mind that this store has a major policy against flip flops, even employees wearing them inside the store, even if they may be shopping on their own time, the employees have agreed to this policy. I watched as that woman didn’t even make it to the timeclock to punch back in before her boss walked up to her, told her she had violated this policy for the last time after repeated warnings, and was fired on the spot. Naturally, the woman walked out in tears. She had spent 2 years working with this store, the same department, she knew the policy, and yet she thought that it was okay to wear horrendously unsafe shoes in a working environment. Hooray for the boss! If I was the boss, I would have done the same thing.

People, get rid of the flip flops – no one wants to see them or your ugly feet. Me personally – I don’t want to see some fat woman’s fat, half- manicured feet either. Why take care of your feet if you won’t take care of the rest of your body? Get some sneakers with some good arch supports and take your feet walking around that mall. Your body (and feet) will thank you!




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20 12 2007

Well hello there. I think flip flops are good in some places. like parks and around the house but thats it. I just cant beleive that some one could get fired for having flip flops on. On there personal time even if there is a policy. Your time is your time I think some people take there jobs a bit to far.Your right there are some large women that need not to wear flip flop anywear.

20 12 2007

I agree that the store doesn’t have a right to dictate to their employees what not to wear on their own time, but they do have a policy in place that the employees must agree to NOT wear unsafe shoes while on the store’s property at any time. Since I’ve worked retail as a manager, I understand why they have the policy. Workman’s Compensation is pretty clear on employees wearing shoes on company property, even if it’s on their own time. All it takes is one stupid employee having a box fall on an unprotected foot to raise the rates. A customer (non-employee) getting hurt is a totally different matter, and falls under different laws and different insurance.

But all that aside, no one should wear flip flops to the mall anyways… gross!

15 02 2008

Nice to see someone taking a stand and telling those people off! Nothing is more gross than to show up at Bern’s with flip flops. And for those of you who don’t know what Bern’s is, it’s the Tampa Bay premier steakhouse! Five Star! I went there recently and saw a rather young couple with their parents, and the parents allowed them to eat at Bern’s with flip flops and jeans! What’s worse – the Maitre ‘d allowed it! What is this world coming to?

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