The Joys of Parenting….

30 11 2007

First allow me to apologize for the lack of posts.  Things have been getting super busy (I know that’s not an excuse…), but I felt I owed everyone an apology.

Interesting day today.  Both of my kids got their report cards.  Nothing that super special about them.  They were both on the same, bland white paper wrapped up in a manila envelope.  No, what was interesting was my reaction.  As I took the boys to my ex’s for the weekend, I realized just how much I love having them around all the time, even when they drive me absolutely crazy and make me need some time away.  Being divorced with kids is one of those love-hate relationships.   It just about broke my heart taking them.  I still remember the days when they were both born, and it truly does feel like it was just a year ago.  I’m not going to say it feels like yesterday, because if I did, I’d still be lying in bed recovering from the intense labor….

But I realized just how fast they are growing up.  They’re in 1st and 2nd grade now…  Scary thought, hmmm?  Funny, my second one is such a ham, I’m surprised he learned anything last year in Kindergarten.  Frankly, I was expecting him to be held back a year.  I know, I know, now you’re thinking, “What kind of parent would expect that?”  But if you met my second son, you’d think the same thing.  Just a good-natured kid that loves to clown around.  I can see his high school yearbook now naming him the class clown in the Senior Superlatives section…

More than anything I want these two to succeed.  I have a firm belief that these guys could do anything (except footballl – I won’t let them play it) if they put their minds to it.  I would love to see them in the marching band at their high school, marching side by side.  Okay, maybe not side by side.  Having two percussionists in the house would drive me crazy.  Heck, just having to go to school with 20 other fellow percussionists drove me crazy.  We were always drumming on something, driving our classmates and teachers absolutely nuts!  Hee Hee.  Good times, man.  Good Times.

Oh Wonderful High School Memories…

4 11 2007

Last weekend I had my 10 year high school reunion!  Hard to believe it’s been so short!  🙂 LOL  Seems like it should have been 20 years.  What a bunch of absolute drinkers and losers they’ve all become.  And this from a lot of non-drinking, non-smoking christian prudes!   Good for a laugh though.  Revenge is nice though.  All the girls are now fat from having kids, even the cheerleaders that were pencil thin in school.  Apparently, I’m the only one that looks exactly like I did in high school!  Hah!  Serves them right….  No, I’m not bitter about high school or anything…  Karma is great though. I used to be made fun of because of my dedication to the band, and now I’m the one that gets to make fun of them!  🙂 Gotta love it!

Moral of the story  –  don’t make fun of the geeks from hig   h school.  They’re the ones that you’ll be begging for loans from ……