Tribute to a Legend

8 09 2007

Today’s post is only a simple tribute to a great legend, Luciano Pavarotti.  He is known not only for his impressive voice that captivated audiences everywhere and across all generations, but also for his very distinct teaching style.  While I, unfortunately, did not get the chance to meet him in person, I know several people that have taken master classes with him.  So I relay a couple of their thoughts.

One friend simply spoke of his passion for music.  They talked of how he showed them how to ‘live’ their music, not just express it or sing it.  “Singing is not a job,” he said, “but a part of your soul.” (thanks Melissa…)

My friend Greg spoke of Pavarotti’s quest for perfection.  (Greg had the fortune to study with him for a short time in Italy)  “He would make me sing a single note until it was perfect, then he would allow me to continue to the next note.” Greg says, “It was tiring, and sometimes boring and frustrating, but then he would explain how every single note must come from the soul, and not just your neck.  The light bulb would finally go on in your head and you would understand what he was explaining.  When you finally achieved what he was telling you to do, you had the most awesome, and humbling, feeling.  And that isn’t a feeling that you want to go away…”

So, even though these are two of my personal friends, not famous celebrities, you can see how Luciano Pavarotti touched their lives.  I may not of had the fortune of meeting him or studying with him, but I can tell you how much his singing touched my life.  Just by listening to him.  You could actually hear that special something in his voice, and that special something captivated not only me, but generations of people from around the world.

So to Luciano Pavarotti – Salute! 




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