It’s September 1st!

1 09 2007

Welcome to the first day of September!  This glorious time of year that tells us that the leaves will be changing colors soon, the fields are to be harvested, that it’s time for a bunch of parties and for going back to school!  Okay, well, not for those of us in Florida.  School, yes, but that started two weeks ago.  What does Sept. 1st mean to Floridians?  Not much really.  Time for the busiest segment of hurricane season, time for the worst heat and humidity, time for all the tourists to finish their vacations and therefore putting people out of jobs (since the tourism industry is it’s busiest from May-August), and time for the most lightning and rain we see all year.  Oh yes – I almost forgot.  Did I mention hurricanes?  Don’t get me wrong.  Hurricanes are a necessary evil.  But around these here parts, people get just a little too jumpy about hurricanes.

People prepare for weeks for hurricanes, on the off-chance that we’ll actually have one hit.  I’m being reminded of 2004, but people, that was a freak year.  What, we had 3 or 4 hurricanes hit Florida?  My favorite – Charley.  Headed straight for Tampa Bay, so everyone here in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties evacuated to Orlando.  Hah!  I love nature.  What did Charley do?  Hit Manatee county first (just south of Pinellas county and where not many people evacuated), then sped it’s way across the state to get those people in Orlando.  (I know I’m going to get some nasty emails on this one….)  Sorry people.  Nature sometimes makes me laugh.  Now before you write that nasty email, let me remind you that I’ve lived through several.  Hurricane Andrew was interesting.  Finally got do some great surfing here.  Hurricane Elena was just annoying.  It just sat there and dumped rain on Tampa Bay for days.  Certainly kept a lot of people on edge.

Okay, so what was the point of today’s post?  I’m not really sure, except to say Happy First Day of September!  Before you know it, the holidays will be here.  Me, I can’t wait until Thanksgiving.  MMMMM.  All that wonderful turkey….




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