(Sniff, sniff, tearing up….)

21 08 2007

Well, both of my kids started school today.  1st and 2nd grade.  (Sniff, sniff, tearing up-NOT!)  WHOO-HOO!!!  It was great seeing all the parents at the school high-fiveing each other as their kids disappeared into their classrooms.  Summer is over and so is all the whining about “I’m bored!”.  YES!  Just for fun I stopped by the kindergarten wing and watched as all these sappy mothers stood there with cameras flashing, getting tears all over their too-hard-for-me-to-work-fully digital SLR’s and generally being overly emotional.  Talk about babying their kids – I think the umbilical cord was still attached to a few of them.  Sorry folks, but all I could do was stand there and laugh.  These moms have no clue of what they’re going to go through!  They think it’s cute now, but I guarantee that in 2 weeks they’ll be sick of the routine.  And to think.  They have 13 more years of this!   🙂

I will say that I’m happy that my two kids are excited to be back at school.  They both like their teachers (so far….), and I consider that a good thing.  No child is going to learn as much if they don’t like their teachers.  Maybe they don’t like the subject, but if the teacher is good and the kid likes them, then anything is possible.  Hey, I got through Calc okay, so it looks like there’s hope yet!




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23 08 2007

Glad to hear you’re not one of those overly crying parents. I really hate it when I see that at school. It’s even more pathetic when it’s seen in the high schools! I mean, crying at graduation is okay, but crying on the first day of high school? Get real!

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