Rambling Thoughts

14 08 2007

Okay, just a few thoughts here as I haven’t posted much lately.

Well, just for a quick catch-up, I no longer am with my summer job.  I took this job on only temporarily as the printing business is so slow.  So I took on a summer job, and boy, did it SUCK!!!!!  I worked for this real (*&#@%&) jerk that basically wanted me to do 4 different jobs at the same time.  Yeah, right.  Maybe if he actually paid well.  I think he would have paid minimum wage if he could have gotten away with it.  I mean, this guy was such a tightwad that he didn’t want to buy a $1 calculator for my desk, or a $2 pair of scissors, and he expected me to use my car and some of my time commuting to these seminars that he was producing on my dime.  I DON’T THINK SO!  Auto mileage is a reasonable reimbursement for company business.  I put on almost 100 miles on my car for 4 seminars.  What a croc!

Okay, enough rant.   On to something so much more exciting.  Sunday I went to Vertical Ventures in Tampa.  In case you can’t figure out the name and what they do, they’re a rock climbing gym.  KICK ASS!!  Okay, not quite as exciting as real rocks, but almost as much fun.  I went again today and spent about 2 hours trying to get a particuarly hard part.  Haven’t gotten it yet, but I will – I’m just that stubborn!  If you’re in the Bay Area – GO THERE!!!  It is completely worth it!  I just picked up a nice pair of Five Ten shoes at Bill Jackson’s in Pinellas Park.  Turns out that they’re clearing out all their climbing stuff.  Why?  Because there’s no place to climb around here!!!  Well, except for Vertical Ventures…..  I’ll take some photos next time I’m over there and post them.  Now my only question is whether or not to get the annual membership…….





2 responses

17 08 2007
Rich C

Like the new format.

If you’re willing to hit the rock gym 2 – 3 times per week then it’s worth it.

How’s the new Mac?

17 08 2007

Thanks Rich!

The only thing that I wish is that the rock gym wasn’t so far from my place. It’s a good 20 minute drive. Too bad they’re not ready to open one over here in Pinellas…..

The new MacBook Pro is GREAT!!! 🙂 Whoo-Hoo! Now, if I can just figure out how to open the lid…. (Just kidding!)

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