Cruise, Part 1

28 07 2007

Okay. At the request of several of you, I am posting my pictures of the cruise I took this year. I was on the Caribbean Princess, of Princess Cruise Lines. Absolutely one of the finest cruise lines I have ever taken. I don’t recommend Royal Caribbean and especially not Carnival. Go with Norweigan Cruise Line, Cunard or Windjammer. Or better yet, Princess.

Okay, shameless plug here. The only way to travel is first class on a cruise ship. I received MUCH better than average service than everyone else on the cruise, not to mention all the great privileges that go with it. Like Internet access via satellite, dry cleaning and washing at no charge, personal valet to unpack your things, room service 24/7, and much more. Look at what they have to offer on their site –

I promise you won’t be disappointed in them.
On another note, this is only the first part in the series. So we’ll begin with the trip down to Ft. Lauderdale from Clearwater. Nice drive – no photos (no photos to take!), but I had to stop at a rest station in the middle of Alligator Alley. They have a fire station there with some awesome equipment for rescues out in the middle of the Everglades! So I took a couple of shots of their very-awesome and impressive airboat. This baby goes 70mph on the swampland like it’s nothing! Wish I could have tried it out!

Broward County Airboat

The Blade Angle

Okay – more to come!




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