Today’s Rant

26 07 2007

Okay, rant for the day. This one is about the most irritating bureaucracy I have ever dealt with. Did anyone guess Medical Insurance companies? Good job! You get a free lifetime supply of red tape!!!  🙂


I have had coverage for 3 years with the same company. All of a sudden, this company switched me to another (United Healthcare), without even telling us!!!! Needless to say, I’m pretty teed off. No notification, no letters, nada. Absolutely nada. So now I have to go through four different departments just to be switched back, but it’s not going to happen before my doctor’s visit (which incidentally, is tomorrow….), so I have to pay for it out of pocket and they’re refusing to reimburse me for it. Talk about unfair!! I’m paying to have this coverage and they tell me which doctor to go to? Sorry, but I only like the clammy hands of my current doctor.


Folks, I am strongly encouraging you to write to your State Insurance Commissioner and relay your tales of woe in great, exacting, lengthy words. The more words, the more they see if wrong with the system, even if they really don’t read the letter completely. Then be sure to send it to them again with a new cover sheet asking them why they haven’t responded yet. Sending it to them once a month sounds like a good timeframe.


So join me in defeating yet another belligerent beast! Call, write, email and fax your way through! Together we should be able to force these insurance companies to deliver on their promises without so much fine print!




One response

27 07 2007

Amen!!! My letter is going out tonight!!!

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