Well Wishes and Thoughts

16 07 2007

Okay everyone. It’s time to turn on your connection to the spirits, rub your lucky rabbit’s foot, turn three times backwards, or whatever it is that you do for luck! My friend Richard is going for an interview in Colorado Springs for a really cool, really envious job. (I am completely jealous!) Let’s all hope that he gets the job, because frankly, I was really getting bored of him always talking about how much he got to go rock climbing out there in Arizona. Or is that getting jealous? Anyhoo, he really needs this job. I’m not going to go into specifics, for it is a truly long and bothersome story…. so, let’s just wish Richard a safe and speedy journey.

May you have all the right words to the questions they ask, may you not trip over your own two feet, may you not be overqualified for a monkey’s job, and most of all, may you be the one they pick! Cheers!

Richard, I raise a glass to you and wish you luck!




2 responses

16 07 2007
Rich C


23 07 2007

Good Luck Rich!!! Rooting for ya!

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