Today’s Useless Tidbit…. Well, Sort Of….

7 07 2007

Okay, Ladies and Gents!

 A new tidbit of information today.  I can’t call it useless because it pertains to something that is very important to me.  Without going into too much detail about how I got this, here’s the short version.

My grandfather, Richard, moved to Florida in 1953 with his family.  They moved into a nice little house that had an oak tree that was approximately 10 feet in diameter.  Yes, one single tree, 10 feet across at about 5 feet from the ground.  It was estimated at 100 years old at the time.  Around the top, and before the tree split into branches, there was this thing growing on it.  It was a staghorn.  This thing grew all the way around the tree, about 10 feet off of the ground.  Absolutely incredible.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of this wonderful phonenoma.  The previous owner stated that it had been there since before he owned it, which was for about 15 years. 

Well, to cut the story short, in 2000 my grandfather had to cut the tree down as it was preparing to fall over.  So to save the staghorn, my grandfather cut it into 4 pieces.  Two he kept, one he gave to his best friend, Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., and the fourth he gave to me.  Well, since then, my ex tried to kill it by cutting it in half.  What a moron he is.  One part did die, but only because he killed it with acid and who knows what else.  I managed to rescue the other part and place it in a magnolia tree behind my new house. 

Now you know the reason why I cannot call this a useless fact.  However, the following may be found to be useless by some people.

I’ve often found that my staghorn to be the garbage disposal of the plant world.  Mine seems to flourish even more whenever I give it a banana/coffee ground/orange peel/eggshell/spoiled milk milkshake.  I mix it all together in the blender, then pour it all over the top.  Then I water it in with the hose.  For some reason beyond my understanding, the plant loves it.  So I decided to post a picture of it here.


The Staghorn




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