Rant for the day

5 07 2007

Okay, this is a wow/rant for today’s entry.

Fourth of July – What an incredible time!  Usually I stay at home and shoot off fireworks with friends from my floating dock on the lake in my backyard, but since so many people were out of town this year, I took my boys to go see the local fireworks with the rest of the crowd at city hall.  So incredible.  There were fireworks that were shot in the air a good 2,000 feet, while some were only a few feet above the water.  (City hall is next to a waterway…)  Some of the missiles they sent up only let off their “BANG” after a few seconds delay.  But when they did…..  not only did it set off every single car alarm in the region, it completely rattled your chest.  TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!  Unfortunately, I was stupid and I forgot to bring my camera.  Sorry, no photos.  Yes, I am hanging my head in shame.

On the other subject, I would deeply encourage any and everyone to boycott their police departments speed traps.  I was coming home from lunch today and saw one of the worst traps I’ve EVER seen!!!!  15 motorcycle cops, and no, I am NOT joking, were off to the side of a road.  Before you ask, I did NOT get a ticket.  They just happened to be at the bottom of a hill, where, you guessed it, people have a natural tendency to speed up just ever so slightly due to gravity and physics.  These guys were nailing people for going 2-3 miles over the speed limit.  That equates to a $100 fine around here.  As far as I’m concerned, hiding completely out of sight waiting for someone to speed 2 miles over the limit due to natural gravity is almost tantamount to self-incrimination on the witness stand.

Yes, I believe that driving is a priviledge, not a right, however, those of us who are priviledged enough to do so must obey the law.  But this is just simply outrageous.  There is a considerable difference between going 2 miles over, and 10.  I can think of many things that are far more important for the police to be doing than setting up speed traps for extra revenue just to line their pockets more.




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