Night Blooming Cereus

1 07 2007

I have in my yard a vine that grows on one of the live oak trees. Every year it yields beautiful flowers, at night. The vine is so large now that I usually get about 200 flowers to bloom at once. It’s an incredibly awesome sight.

So, for the Useless Tidbit of Information for today, the Epiphyllum oxypetalum, otherwise known as Night-Blooming Cereus (pronounced se-rious), Moon Orchid, or Orchid Cactus is a vine that is a member of the cactus family, found mostly in the southern/southwestern America, as well as in the West Indies. They usually only bloom once a year, and for me, in the fall around mid-September. I have been blessed with a double blooming this time around. They bloomed in September, and again just a few nights ago.

Usually these vines don’t grow very large, however, I have seen some that grew to the top of oak and palm trees. The one that I have in my yard is about 75 feet tall, and is practically taking over a live oak. So here are some of the good pictures.

A small part of the tree

A single Bloom




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